Holly Club of Joliet
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Holly Club Membership Requirements for 2014-2015

Holly Club members are always encouraged to recruit new members for our club. Prospective members should attend one meeting as a guest prior to deciding to join. Please make sure she is aware of the membership requirements. At her second meeting, her letter of introduction is read and she is welcomed into the club. The letter must be signed by three members as sponsors. Membership requirements are as follows:

  • Payment of annual dues of $50 after March 1st or by the Lawn Party
  • Participation in club activities and attend at least three of the meetings in the first year of membership.
  • Serve as a co-hostess or hostess for the monthly meetings in the annual year. Members who do not fulfill this role must make a $50 contribution to the Lawn Party.
  • Support the major fundraisers:
    • Annual Lawn Party is in early June - Members are required to purchase the $35 ticket to the Lawn Party and provide a silent auction donation of a $35 value.
    • Attend the December Holly Club Ball - must purchase a $175 non-attending ticket if unable to attend.

If a regular member is not in compliance with the membership requirements, she shall receive a letter from the Treasurer requesting her fulfillment of these obligations. At the end of the second year, if she has not responded, she will be removed from the membership roster. Membership requirements are outlined in the Holly Club Standing Rules, #11, A-F.

Please contact the Membership Co-Chairs for any questions. Thank You!

Lori Bergman
Membership Co-Chair

Susan Lee
Membership Co-Chair

Please send an inquiry to our contact information above if any woman is interested in the objectives and work of Holly Club.

Holly Club Memebership List 2016-17

President - Pam Kaumeyer
Vice President - Tammy Paolucci
Secretary - Denise Bartolotta
Treasurer - Ann Hintze

Ginny Alessio
Lauri Bank
Denise Bartoltta
Lori Bergman
Lori Caton
Karen Courtney
Carolyn Curl
Donna Edes
Rita Facchina
Vicki Forkel
Rita Garbin
Marci Garrison
Sandy Gavin
Jane Gibson Karner
Susan Hignbotham
Cheri Johnson
Mary Lou Larson
Susan Lee
Lorraine Lucenta
Marguerite McDermed

Lora McGuire
Lisa Morel Las
Kristi Mulvey
Tammy Paolucci
Bobbi Pentrungaro
Judy Medvesky
Pat Pierson
Tammy Relyea
Sandy Renner
Kim Roolf
Connie Russell
Brenda Schmitz
Amy Schroeder
Katherine Stengele
Betty Stoxen
Deb Strahanoski
Linda Trager
Kelen Karakoudas Redfern
Diane Uden
Christine Weaver
Kathleen Zydek