Holly Club of Joliet
Holly Club of Joliet
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Holly Club has over one hundred and twenty years of history in the Joliet community, beginning with eight young women who joined together to help the sick and needy in 1889. Today we number nearly 60 women whose achievements have expanded from those humble beginnings. We have a rich legacy of both hands-on and financial support to individuals and organizations, all here in the Joliet area.

Holly Club got its name from the annual charity Christmas ball that was hosted by our eight young founders. All these years later our annual ball is still our major fundraising event.

As our founders did many years ago, Holly Club members join together today to build a positive outlook for those in need of the little help along the way. From our rich past to our busy present and promising future, Holly Club seeks to continue its mission and help make the lives of the less fortunate in our community better and brighter.

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